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George's Previous Speaking Topics

1. A Well-Rounded Life: Mind, Body and Spirit
2. Creating a Culture of Teamwork
3. Motivation: Live Like You Are Dying
4. Using Failure to Build Resilience
5. “Huddle Conversations” for Athletic Teams
6. It Only Takes One: The Importance of Human Service Workers
7. The University Years: Next Steps to Greatness
8. Navigating the Teenage Years
9. Navigating Middle School
10. Making the Most of the Elementary Years
11. One Day at a Time: Living a Life That Matters
12. Do All the Good You Can: A Wesleyan Approach
13. Dream the Impossible Dream
14. Motivation: Just Do It! 
15. MU Monarch Pride: It’s in Your Blood
16. Trojan Pride: Bleeding Green and Gold

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