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A Well Balanced Life

Always approach each day with a desire to be better than you were yesterday! It is important to have a well balanced life with emphasis...

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St. Andrews United Methodist Church

Presentation on Gratitude

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Letters of support

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Letter by St. Andrews United Methodist Church

Business Conference

    George Hendricks approached me requesting to speak to the St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church youth group.  When he asked me, I immediately agreed knowing that he would do an amazing job with the youth.  I had no hesitation because I have had the privilege of knowing Mr. Hendricks for four years and in that short time I have known him to have integrity, great public speaking skills, and a strong interest in the future of our youth.  George has taught our middle school and high school Sunday school classes for several years and would always challenge the youth and make them think and wrestle with their faith.  

    When George came in to the church that Sunday evening, he began right away talking with the youth while we enjoyed our meal.  Most of the youth didn’t know who he was, but he included them in the conversations and got to know them right away.  After dinner we went to the youth room and he began his lesson.  He taught on gratitude.  He talked with the youth about what that word meant to them for 20 minutes and then he had 5 stations where the youth worked in silence really wrestling with that term and what it meant to them in their spiritual journey. He then tasked the youth to wear a nametag to school the next day to strike up a conversation with kids at school about the lesson. 

    The youth were talking about this lesson for weeks.  I had parents of the youth message me the next day telling me how much their child enjoyed the lesson and it really got them thinking and asking questions.  There was no doubt in my mind that George would connect with the youth when he asked me to come speak.  He did not disappoint, his lesson was relevant to the youth, kept them engaged and wanting more. George has a gift for motivating our youth and adults alike in his speaking.  I know he will continue to do great things with this endeavor.  Mr. Hendricks has my support for his motivational speaking endeavor.  I know firsthand that he will exceed expectations and change lives with his engagements.  

Department of Physical Therapy

Professor Lecturing on Stage

Dear Dr. Hendricks,

I want to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your willingness to speak to the Doctor of Physical Therapy Class of 2020 students as part of their Leadership for Health Professionals course.  Your talk was engaging, motivating, and inspiring to all who attended.  I hope you are willing to come back to speak to my class again next year.

I would like you to know that several students took the time to stop by my office after your talk to let me know how much they enjoyed having you in class.  They felt that your presence as a guest lecturer was one of the highlights of the semester and recommended that I ask you back again next year.  Your ability to engage the students, to talk to them about topics that were meaningful to them, and to find ways to inspire them to become great role models for those around them was a joy to see.

Thank you for all you did for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program, the students, and Methodist University.


Lori Leineke, PT, DPT, OCS

Board Certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Interim Director, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

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